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Hi there chaps, great to see you both chatting about Nevada on YouTube. Hope Sir Tom records it. And, is great to read on here The Bean is still playing guitar somewhere. I'm still messing about in the music business, well, ..what's left of it. Not content to be retired, and being healthy and still full of creative energy, I'm back in a virtual comedy band called The Lavender Hill Mob. Our first song is on our own label Mob Records UK. Have quick gander at our demo video on YouTub. The song is called 'They Don't Do Pie & Mash In America!' Stay healthy chaps. Smith. I'm on Facebook as Mickey Modern Turner.
What a couple of really great guys, I have not forgotten the experience and enjoyment I had playing with the band Him & the Others in the 60's,and making a record under the guidance of these 2. Sometimes you want to go back but it can't happen but it doesn't stop the great memories I have and will keep. Take care of yourselves guys and hopefully we will meet up soon.......Len
Blimey! Fame at last eh?..

Now if anyone knows 'Solly Von Brockenmeir' ( Roger ) and ' Sir April Dumb Norton', ( Pat ) it's myself and 'Izzy Slapseed, the prophet of doom' ( Peter Sapsard).

Yes! Even Roger and Pat had nicknames... ( I bet they are cringing reading this).. Ha ha..

I first met them circa 1964-1965 at a gig in Finsbury Park in a band I was in, doing a gig for the YMCA. and the rest is history..

Countless recording sessions, gigs, tours, late nights and a hundred and one visits to the Taj Mahal curry house in Hampstead.....Blimey how time flies.

Nice to see Smithy and Nosher in here..

Lovely to see the old crew after all these years and many great and fond memories of a bygone golden age.
And yes.. I still play guitar full time.
Thanks for the memories chaps! Exciting part of my life for five years.
This is one of the best web sites of it's genre. Clear and concise, very interesting and full of historical detail about these two guys. What great days, and it may sound naive but music was better then. The opportunities for musicians to actually record in real studios were not so few and far between. Also there were more 'live' local gigs in which to learn your trade. Maybe Mealey & Costello should bring their expertise to today's market. Our greatest respect to them and to the author Maggie Regan whose career my wife and I have followed since the early eighties. Pauly and Karina Reed Patterson. Dublin
What a great site! Such a lot of info and great layout. I was a huge fan of Jason Dean and had so much joy looking at this web and remembering my youth! Congratulations.
When's the royalties coming in? Geoff (Him and the Others)
Hi Roger, just finished our chat on the phone, and got on here straight away. Really glad you and Pat finally documented your carrer. I remeber saying to you the first time we spoke about 4 years ago you should do this. Looking forward to having that pint with you and Pat Cheers Ian
i well remember the night that flag put too much explosive in the dustbin and i blew two of our asian fans off the stage at the top ten - the night we left norton kicked the sliding door shut on the lorry where it promptly fell off in front of a patrolling policeman - i stopped the motor, jumped out & grabbed the door, flung it at norton in the passenger seat, said evenin' all to the cop, who didnt bat an eyelid, jumped in the motor & got the hell out of huddersfield - happy daze
These guys need to get back in the recording studio and start making music again. It just so happens that I've got a few songs I want to run by them! Great website and congratulations to my lovely wife Maggie Regan!
Great site that brought back many memories. I saw them at the Ton ten club in Huddersfield. Thank you
Hello from Canada! I met my wife at a Wild Wally Concert. I didn't want to go that night and boy I wish I hadn't. Cost me a lot! They were a real good band and I would like to see them again. This time I will keep my hands to myself. Great web site, very stylish with lots of information.
Never heard of you?
Great website, cute pictures!!!
Great website, very interesting to read!
Congratulation Patrick, I love it
Looks great! Very proud. xx
Congratulations on a great website!!! It's great to finally see a log of your many achievements!!
Hello just testing!