For a few months in the early 70's Roger and Pat joined the Wild Wally Comedy Showband.  Roger was on bass and piano and Pat on guitar and vocals. This  zany outfit was led by the eccentric musician, comedian and actor  Bob ‘The Knob’ Flag-Evans, who played a very mean saxophone. The band comprised of some brilliant oddballs, who have remained friends with the boys to this day; ex drummer of the French superstar Johnny Hallyday, Monsieur Karl Daekin, jazz guitarist Nosher ‘Make it a Large’ Pickles, Hammond organist and prop maker, the Reverend J. Glen ‘Bacardi’ Tassel, Shakin’ Dave Skitz, roadie cum Al Jolson impersonator, and finally the dynamo of the band, 'East End Diamond Geezer' Ronald Regan, front man, bass and banjo player.  The Wild Wally Band played across the country, in pubs, clubs, universities and fringe theatre. They also toured France and Germany, all in an old American school bus. Ron Regan later went on to form the world renowned variety act 'Nuts andBolts' and has spent many years performing all over the USA and Europe. It was with the help and encouragement of Ron and his lovely wife Maggie (a talented singer and performer in her own right) that Mealey and Costello were able to put together this website. 


Wild Wally Members Photo – Key


1. Roger ‘Sol’ Mealey  2. Patrick ‘Norton’ Costello  3. Reverend J. Glen ‘Bacardi’ Tassel  4. Nosher ‘Make it a Large’ Pickles  5. Bob ‘The Knob’ Flag-Evans  6. Ronald ‘The Dynamo’ Regan   7. Monsieur Karl Daekin



The wonderful old School Bus!                           Poster




                  Flyer                     (and not forgetting) Shakin' Dave Skitz!